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About Me

Hi there!
My name is Manon van Os and I am from the Netherlands.

As a small child I was already always busy with Photography and I always had a camera hanging around my neck. In the years that followed I developed my photography very fast and strong. Because of different courses and experiences, I learned a lot about Photography and I can translate this into practice very well. What started as a hobby has become a big passion!

I’m mainly specialized in travel photography. My biggest hobby is traveling and during this travels I make, of course, a lot of pictures. You can see the results of these pictures on this site. At the moment I am on a trip around the world again (yes, I made a world trip before). Right now I am in Perth, Australia.

I see photography as a way to express my creativity and to show the viewer what I really see and feel when I’m in a very special and beautiful place. I want to take you with me to that special place, through my photographs.

Through my portfolio on this site I want to show you my work as a Photographer.

If you want to follow my work, look at my different Social Media.

I also have a portfolio on Shutterstock where you can buy photos from me: Click Here